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i really do miss this site.
07.25.04 (1:43 pm)   [edit]

a car crash in quotes
04.21.04 (12:07 pm)   [edit]
okay, i really do think i'm sick.

i'm not supposed to be in this class right now, oh well, only forty freaking minutes left.

today...we had UIL and we dominated. oh yeah.

but i'm still sick.

and i sat with That Boy on the way to and from. he really is emo. i wonder if he still thinks i'm pretty, i was probably sleeping with my mouth open. but...a lot of people think i'm pretty, and i don't even know it. or, that's what i'm told. whatever. i think [i]he's[/i] pretty.

its so weird to have a crush on someone again. like...ive almost forgotten what to do. :roll:

but...i like him. i really do. oh emm gee. 10x00x0ub0rz.



...its hot in here
04.19.04 (6:26 pm)   [edit]
good god, i am really horny.

rainy days
04.19.04 (12:35 pm)   [edit]
it's going to rain here.

because cutter's is doing a rain dance.


president bush is an idiot, i'm sorry if i offend anyone.

i just ate baby food.

wanna make out?

how frustrating.
04.19.04 (11:55 am)   [edit]
i "bought" a header thing.

why isn't it showing up?!?!

ill update more later

...and in that dream i took a k-n-i-f-e to you
04.18.04 (3:57 pm)   [edit]
so...after my party, at four o'clock in the morning...i was dreaming.

it was really weird, for some reason i was with B and all of a sudden, Konstantine starts playing. and i start sobbing. and he kisses me. softly. but...i kept on crying. i woke up crying.

sometimes i wonder what the fuck is wrong with me.

i really think i do have a crush on That Boy. and, like a typical crush, it's [i]crushing [/i] me.

i was crazy to think he felt the same way about me.

so we meet again...
04.18.04 (3:47 pm)   [edit]
i already have one of these, but i like this name better.

ill start customizing and whatnot at school.

Perks Fan